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At Metropolis Alterations, we are proud to serve our ever-growing list of satisfied customers. We strive to continue this growth by keeping a keen focus on customer service and providing superior alterations and repairs. After a service from us, we are confident we can add you to that list.


Awesome Job, Fast Service

This place is the best because they do an awesome job, they are really fast and quick. Keep up the good work. You guys are the best! 

- Lesley R.


Great Service

Been here plenty of times. Such great service!

- Sukhy S.


Always on Time

Metropolis Alterations, you guys are the BEST! Always on time and keep your customers satisfied! Thank you.

- Sarah L.


Friendly and Excellent

Very friendly – helpful service. Does excellent work. Very pleased with service.

- Fariba M.


Consistently Great

I love the service here. I come here all the time, and they have never let me down. Just the best!

- Courtney R.

Awesome Staff

Awesome! The people are the best!! I keep on coming back!

- K.C.


Quality Hemming

I always get my jeans hemmed here. Great service. Love that they offer 1-hour service too. Thanks!

- Paul C.


Honest and Accurate

You always get the job done right and tell us your honest opinion.

- Olga V.

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